An Inside Look at Georges St-Pierre’s Training Program

By Jordan Cieciwa, On Behalf Of Inside Fitness Magazine | Photos BY Glenn Dextras

Three letters are changing the sports world … MMA. So it’s fitting that three letters are changing MMA … GSP. Georges St-Pierre has become champion, lost the championship, claimed it back, and defended it successfully. For the outsider looking in, it appears that something magical is going on. Like Anderson Silva, it seems as though there is something a little different about GSP. According to Firas Zahabi, Georges friend, coach, and training partner, it’s not genetics or magic, its plain and simple hard work.

GSP works tirelessly at all aspects of his game. He wrestles at an Olympic level, has the best Jiu Jitsu coaches around, can kickbox and strike with the best, and his boxing is quarterbacked by an outstanding jab. He has all the tools, and he works them everyday.  Firas says it’s the passion, and the fact that Georges is cerebral that makes his game plan work. They know Georges will stick to the game plan; he fights as an athlete and martial artist, he is there to win. So how does GSP prep? With diligence and a plan based on drilling the basics.



Every strength coach that knows anything about explosive power will tell you that you have to train triple extension, and you have to do it with resistance, and intensity. You have to explode, every time, 100%. That means the sessions need to be planned, and executed scientifically. Every workout GSP enters into is designed to be at 100% of his work capacity. The training is short, and the bursts are hard. The strength training is an accessory to the technique. Firas and GSP are careful to ensure the while he becomes more explosive, it’s not at a cost of hindering his technique training the next day. If you want to train like GSP, find a place where you can get into kickboxing for cardio.  On your off days, go lift at a gym, but do it with jumping in mind. Firas says “jump training is the basic movement we try to recreate.” Whether its in a kettle bell swing, or a clean and jerk, the motion is all about the ankles, knees, and hips extending with speed and power … every rep, every time.


So, to date, we have seen one of the greatest athletes get better each and every time he gets in the Octagon. The question is now, with everyone in the division aiming at GSP’s title, what will GSP be doing to ensure he keeps it. Firas made it clear while discussing the champs training, “If we need a wrestler, Georges is a champion wrestler. If we need a striker, Georges is a champion striker. If we need Jiu Jitsu, Georges is a champion there as well. GSP is ready for anyone and the game plan will be suited for whoever he faces.”  The toughest place to be is on top.  There is no better athlete suited to that station than Georges St-Pierre. He seems able to improve and to better himself. It is his martial arts background that allows that. The wholeTristar team is taught to be true martial artists.  To live life, and pursue dreams with passion. With GSP, it seems he has it figured out. He knows how to win, and do it with dominance.


So what’s new in the arsenal? From a technique standpoint, GSP has shown it all. The latest addition to his training regime shocked me. In order to get more control of his body and push his training to a new level, the champion has begun to work with a gymnastics program. Why not? Who is more explosive, and who is more coordinated? Personally, I can’t wait to see what that brings to his game. GSP was already seemingly unstoppable in take downs and guard passes, imagine what will happen with some

new confidence?


Tristar, GSP, and the Jackson Camp can be proud of the work they do.  As MMA revolutionizes the sports world, they are revolutionizing MMA. Their camp has become the gold standard.  The stable of fighters is growing, and the iron is sharpening iron.  This team will not slow down … they just won’t accept it!

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