The Fighters & the Exercises

By the Editors | Photos By Arsenik Photography

While MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world today, you don’t necessarily have to be a fighter to benefit from the wide range of strength and conditioning exercises that this sport uses. Whether it’s striking work, sledgehammer swings, key core movements, plyometric jumping drills, dumbbell exercises, battle rope details or suspension training, you can increase muscle mass, power, performance and aerobic capacity by integrating some, or all of these exercises into your routine. Join us as we go inside the world of MMA training like never before with some of today’s top fighters and coaches!

Sledgehammer Training is an important part of the strength and conditioning program for many top fighters. Alternative high over-hand swings with under-hand swings on a giant tire to activate different musculature, while increasing your level of MMA specific conditioning.

Plyometric Hurdles are a staple exercise for developing explosive power among MMA's elite.

UFC Welterweight and BC's own Rory Macdonald seen here working explosive leg power and core strength.

Muay Thai is the science of eight point striking using the hands, knees, elbows and feet. A hallmark of the art is the delivery of aggressive knee strikes in the clench.

Sean Pierson increases his hand-eye coordination on the time-tested speed bag.

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