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Here are the top 4 reasons your skin may be aging quicker than you would like:

1. Smoking

2. Caffeine, alcohol and junk food consumption

3. Lack of sleep

4. Insufficient sunscreen usage


“Marketers know that cartoon characters sell food products; that’s why they use them,” says Marion Nestle, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University. In a study of 40 children, when presented with three paired food choices of identical contents, over 73 percent selected the food in the character packaging as the one they’d prefer to eat as a snack. Many food items containing these images are sugar laden with no nutritional value. Food education at a young age should be as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.



There is strong evidence to support the idea of controlling sugar in the same manner as alcohol. Rob Lustig, who runs the obesity clinic at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, says that in his studies he has found “many connections between the metabolism of fructose (sugar) and ethanol (alcohol) in his work on metabolic functioning, liver damage and the obesity epidemic.” Due to the extreme amounts of sugar children ingest on a regular basis, the chronic illnesses associated with poor eating habits have increased with outcomes very similar to those who abuse alcohol. Performing liver transplants on morbidly obese children is becoming the norm, when it doesn’t have to.


Scientists believe that having children is linked to a smaller likelihood of death by cardiovascular disease. Research published in the journal Human Reproduction showed a 17% increase in cardiovascular related death in childless men. Assistant professor of urology at Stanford University, Dr. Michael Eisenberg notes that the connection can’t quite be established as cause and effect just yet. It is unclear whether low testosterone levels or undiagnosed infertility problems may be linked to childlessness and a predisposition to death by cardiovascular disease. It is suggested that children may also encourage men to take better care of their health.

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CSIRO Human Nutrition based out of Adelaide, Australia recently conducted an interesting study. It examined the potential effects that a high protein diet had on keeping weight off. Seventy-nine women were monitored over a 64-week period. In the first 12 weeks, the women went through an intensive weight loss program. In the following year, the women were placed in a high protein diet program. After their 52 weeks of high protein dieting were up, the women were examined. The findings were that the high protein diet actually helped them keep the weight they lost off. So the next time you decide it’s time to devote a few weeks to shed a few pounds, don’t forget to follow that up with some steaks, chicken, fish or pork. Not only can they provide a tasty meal, they can also help you keep the weight off!

Peter M Clifton, Jennifer B Keogh and Manny Noakes, Long-term effects of a high protein weight-loss diet. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 87, No. 1, 23-29, January 2008.


12 Interesting Facts about Health, Fitness & Nutrition From Peanuts to Pineapple to Plyometrics

1.    Peanuts contain over 25% protein and are rich in heart-healthy

       monounsaturated fat, making them a perfect snack.

2.    Whey protein is actually a by-product of the cheese-making process, so

       the taste can vary slightly from batch to batch, depending on what type

       of cheese is being processed.

3.    Direct exposure to sunlight increases the vitamin C content in fruit.

       Therefore, fruit exposed to more sunlight at the growing stage will have a

       higher vitamin C level than fruit exposed to less sunlight.

4.    Dark chocolate possesses antioxidant properties not found in the more

       popular milk chocolate or white chocolate.

5.    The average 180-pound male burns anywhere from 100 to 200 calories

       during 30 to 45 minutes of vigorous sexual intercourse.

6.    Pulling off one of the leaves of a pineapple can indicate its level of

       ripeness If the leaf pulls off the fruit easily, the pineapple should be ripe

       enough to eat.

7.    Approximately 70% of the earth’s land mass is covered by water but only

       a little over 1% of this water is suitable for drinking.

8.    A broccoflower, a cross between broccoli and cauliflower, is an actual

       vegetable found in your local grocery store.

9.    Men who do not exercise are twice as likely to experience a heart attack

       compared to men who exercise on a regular basis.

10.  Worldwide, more people participate in the sport of soccer – referred to as

       soccer in North America and football throughout Europe – than in any

       other sport combined.

11.  Vitamin D is nicknamed the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ because the production of

       this vitamin in the human body comes from ultraviolet light via the sun.

12.  Referred to by some as “jump training”, plyometrics are a series of

       exercises emphasizing explosive movements designed to develop

       muscular power and increase sport-specific performance.

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